Mgr. Lenka Olšanská

Mgr. Lenka Olšanká is certified professional coach (Erickson College, 2006) and for the last 9 years she has been offering managerial, career and business coaching for individuals and teams.

She teaches others how to lead and manage teams, how to improve communication and resolve conflicts, how to coach and how to work together more effectively. She especially enjoys creating and teaching personal development programs.

For more than 11 years, she has been responsible for the company’s results and people development in various managerial positions, especially in the areas of sales, customer service, marketing and logistics. She gained experience in managing strategic activities and developing relationships with business partners and state institutions. She was responsible for managing companie´s internal changes in the Czech Republic and Slovakia.

In recent years, she is interested in change management at the individual and group level, cooperates with the international non-profit organization Initiatives of Change Intl and actively participates on conferences and workshops in Caux-Montreux, Switzerland.

She originally studied Biochemistry at the Faculty of Science of Charles University, then completed a thematic course in working with the body in psychotherapy and the educational program Therapeutic Pedagogy and Social-Art Therapy.

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